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4th Platoon, D Co., 2nd Battalion-503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne Brigade Reunion

Mission Statement:

From 9-12 November, 2018 the soldiers of 4th Platoon, D Co., 2nd Battalion-503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne Brigade will execute a unit reunion provided by the Warrior Reunion Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide all-inclusive reunion experiences for units deployed to combat together.

The 1st Platoon reunion planning committee members organizing the event are: Michael Haden and Justin Murphy.  Our planning committee is working in partnership with Warrior Reunion Foundation staff to plan and execute a once-in-a-lifetime reunion experience to celebrate our victories on the battlefield and to honor the legacy of our fallen brother.

Attendance and participation from all unit members is cost-free and travel assistance is available. Please use the registration tool below to confirm your attendance and join your brothers in arms for a weekend you will never forget. Once registered you will receive additional information and coordinating instructions to ensure you have everything you need to attend our reunion. Semper Fi!

About our sponsor: An organization founded and managed by combat veterans, for combat veterans; The Warrior Reunion Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to reunite units deployed to combat together through all-inclusive reunion experiences.  More information can be found at their website: www.warriorreunionfoundation.org


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Host Location: Boulder Crest Retreat

"Our mission is healing heroes one family at a time by hosting Rest & Reconnection stays and Warrior PATHH Programs for combat stress reduction driving post traumatic growth. We have been open 3.5 years plus and the facility still looks brand new and we are very proud of the continuous work from our staff and community maintaining this safe and private sanctuary for combat veterans and their families. We look forward to hosting your reunion and having the Nation's finest with us here at BCR."


Boulder Crest Retreat

18370 Bluemont Village Ln

Bluemont , Virginia  21035

United States



(540) 554-2727

4th Platoon

Afghanistan Deployment 2012- 2013 173rd ABN

Warrior Reunion Foundation

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This reunion is being proudly provided by the Warrior Reunion Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. To learn more about how you can support our mission, please visit: www.warriorreuniondfoundation.org
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